Rewinding Auburn’s season-ending loss to Arkansas in College World Series (2022)

Auburn’s season came to a halt Tuesday night in Omaha, Neb.

Auburn fell to Arkansas, 11-1, in an elimination game in the College World Series. Arkansas scored 10 of its 11 runs with two outs, while Auburn mustered just four hits and a lone run off a solo home run by Bobby Peirce.

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The Razorbacks opened up the game with seven runs between the third and fourth innings, burying the Tigers in a hole too deep to climb out of, as a memorable season closed out with a lopsided loss at Charles Schwab Field.

Below is a blow-by-blow recap of Auburn’s season-ending loss:

FINAL: Arkansas 11, Auburn 1

-- Bobby Peirce grounds into a 4-6-3 double-play to end the game, and Auburn’s season.

-- Sonny DiChiara with his second hit of the night, this one an infield single back to the mound.

-- Brody Moore grounds out for the first out of the inning.

-- Austin Ledbetter on to close this thing out for Arkansas. Zebulon Vermillion tossed one scoreless inning of relief, retiring all three hitters he faced.

Top of the ninth: Arkansas 11, Auburn 1

-- Cayden Wallace grounds out to end the inning.

-- Arkansas 11, Auburn 1: Another two-out hit to score runs for Arkansas. Peyton Stovall, who is now 5-of-6 at the plate, drives in two with a single.

-- Braydon Webb draws a walk to load the bases, and Auburn is making another pitching change. Brooks Fuller now coming in to pitch for Auburn. He’s the Tigers’ seventh pitcher of the night.

-- Runners advance to second and third on a wild pitch.

-- Zack Gregory strikes out swinging. Two down.

-- Carson Swilling strikes out Brady Slavens for the first out of the inning.

-- Jalen Battles draws a walk. Two on for Brady Slavens, and Auburn is making another pitching change. Carson Swilling to the mound.

-- Robert Moore singles through the right side.

-- Jake Wyandt now catching for Auburn.

Bottom of the eighth: Arkansas 9, Auburn 1

-- Mike Bello grounds out to second, and then the inning ends as Blake Rambusch grounds out to second as well. Tigers down to their final three outs.

-- Cam Hill pinch-hits for Nate LaRue and grounds out to open the inning.

-- Pitching change for Arkansas, as Zebulon Vermillion enters the game. Will McEntire tossed seven innings of one-run ball, limiting Auburn to three hits while striking out a season-high nine.

Top of the eighth: Arkansas 9, Auburn 1

-- Chriz Lanzilli strikes out swinging, as Chase Allsup gets out of the inning.

-- Michael Turner with a single to right field, and Bobby Peirce with an impressive throw from right field to get the runner out at third. Arkansas challenges the play, but replay confirms the call.

-- Another pitching change for Auburn: Chase Allsup replacing Chase Isbell.

-- Cayden Wallace reaches on a fielder’s choice, with Peyton Stovall out at second.

-- Peyton Stovall singles through the left side to lead off the inning. He’s 4-of-5 tonight.

Bottom of the seventh: Arkansas 9, Auburn 1

-- Cole Foster flies out, and then Kason Howell grounds out to end the inning.

-- Brooks Carlson grounds out to short.

-- Arkansas 9, Auburn 1: Bobby Peirce opens the inning with a leadoff home run to left field.

Top of the seventh: Arkansas 9, Auburn 0

-- Braydon Webb strikes out swinging, as Chase Isbell strikes out the side.

-- Zack Gregory strikes out. Two down.

-- Brady Slavens goes down swinging.

-- Jalen Battles draws a leadoff walk.

Bottom of the sixth: Arkansas 9, Auburn 0

-- Sonny DiChiara grounds out to short to end the inning.

-- Brody Moore reaches on an error by the third baseman. Man on base for Sonny DiChiara.

-- Blake Rambusch hits one back to the mound for a groundout.

-- Mike Bello grounds out back to the pitcher.

Top of the sixth: Arkansas 9, Auburn 0

-- Chase Isbell gets Robert Moore to ground out to end the inning. Carson Skipper’s final line: two innings, three hits, one run, no walks, two strikeouts on 38 pitches.

-- Chris Lanzilli singles to right field. Two on now, and Auburn is going to the bullpen: Chase Isbell is the next pitcher.

-- Arkansas 9, Auburn 0: Michael Turner with another RBI, as he bounces a single up the middle and through the infield. Cayden Wallace scores from second.

-- Cayden Wallace rips a double over Blake Rambusch’s reach and down the left-field line.

-- Peyton Stovall goes down swinging.

-- Braydon Webb grounds out to open the frame.

Bottom of the fifth: Arkansas 8, Auburn 0

-- Nate LaRue strikes out to end the inning, stranding a baserunner.

-- Kason Howell gets a two-out single.

-- Cole Foster strikes out looking.

-- Brooks Carlson grounds out to second.

Top of the fifth: Arkansas 8, Auburn 0

-- Zack Gregory goes down swinging, as Carson Skipper retires the side.

-- Brady Slavens flares out to short.

-- Jalen Battles pops out to center field.

Bottom of the fourth: Arkansas 8, Auburn 0

-- Bobby Peirce goes down swinging; that’s strikeout No. 7 for Will McEntire.

-- Auburn gets its first hit of the night on a Sonny DiChiara single to left field.

-- Brody Moore lines out to left field.

-- Blake Rambusch grounds out to the pitcher.

Top of the fourth: Arkansas 8, Auburn 0

-- Robert Moore pops out to end the inning. Big hole for Auburn to try to dig out of, though.

-- Carson Skipper coming to the mound now for Auburn. The hope for the Tigers was that Skipper would be the starter on Wednesday, if the team made it that far.

-- Arkansas 8, Auburn 0: Chris Lanzilli blasts a two-run shot to left field. Mike Bello was searching for the ball in the sun and never saw it; didn’t matter, because it was a no-doubter off the bat.

-- Arkansas 6, Auburn 0: Michael Turner nearly knocks one out of the park but settles for a two-run double off the wall in right field.

-- Cayden Wallace pops up to first.

-- Peyton Stovall doubles down the third-base line. Two in scoring position for the heart of Arkansas’ order.

-- Braydon Webb singles to right. His second hit of the night.

-- Mike Bello with a nice catch running to his left in left field to get Zack Gregory to open the inning.

Bottom of the third: Arkansas 4, Auburn 0

-- Mike Bello strikes out swinging. That’s six in a row for McEntire.

-- Nate LaRue goes down swinging too. That’s Will McEntire’s fifth straight strikeout.

-- Kason Howell goes down swinging for the first out.

Top of the third: Arkansas 4, Auburn 0

-- Brady Slavens strikes out to end the inning. The final line on Mason Barnett: 2 2/3 innings, five hits, four earned runs, one walk, four strikeouts on 77 pitches.

-- John Armstrong walks Jalen Battles, the first pitcher he faced.

-- Arkansas 4, Auburn 0: Robert Moore with a two-run double down the left-field line. That’ll end Mason Barnett’s afternoon. Right-hander John Armstrong coming to the mound for Auburn.

-- Arkansas 2, Auburn 0: Chris Lanzilli singles through the right side. Peyton Stovall comes around to score, while Michael Turner advances to second.

-- Michel Turner draws a walk to put two on for Chris Lanzilli.

-- Cayden Wallace pops one up into foul territory near first base. Sonny DiChiara makes the easy catch.

-- Peyton Stovall singles to left field. Mike Bello lost the ball in the sun, and it bounced a few feet in front of him.

-- Braydon Webb flies out to left-center field.

Bottom of the second: Arkansas 1, Auburn 0

-- Will McEntire strikes out the side in the second, as Cole Foster and Brooks Carlson go down swinging to end the inning.

-- Bobby Peirce goes down swinging to open the frame.

Top of the second: Arkansas 1, Auburn 0

-- Zack Gregory grounds out to end the inning.

-- Jalen Battles strikes out, and then Brady Slavens reaches on a Blake Rambusch fielding error.

-- Robert Moore strikes out looking to open the inning.

Bottom of the first: Arkansas 1, Auburn 0

-- Sonny DiChiara grounds into a 6-3 double-play to end the inning. Play is reviewed after Auburn challenges, but the call is confirmed.

-- Brody Moore draws a walk, putting a runner on for Sonny DiChiara.

-- Blake Rambusch grounds out to second to open the inning.

Top of the first: Arkansas 1, Auburn 0

-- Chris Lazilli strikes out, as Mason Barnett gets out of the inning with limited damage. Still needed 33 pitches to get through the inning.

-- Michael Turner grounds out to first after a 12-pitch at-bat.

-- Mason Barnett battles back from a 3-1 count to strike out Cayden Wallace.

-- Passed ball, and now Arkansas has another runner in scoring position. John Armstrong is getting loose in the bullpen for Auburn.

-- Arkansas 1, Auburn 0: Peyton Stovall with an RBI single to plate Braydon Webb. First two hitters have reached against Mason Barnett.

-- Braydon Webb hits a double to the gap in left-center field on the first pitch from Mason Barnett.


Arkansas lineup:

1. Braydon Webb, CF (.286)

2. Peyton Stovall, 1B (.292)

3. Cayden Wallace, 3B (.300)

4. Michael Turner, C (.318)

5. Chris Lanzilli, RF (.318)

6. Robert Moore, 2B (.229)

7. Jalen Battles, SS (.298)

8. Brady Slavens, DH (.259)

9. Zack Gregory, LF (.228)

Auburn lineup:

1. Blake Rambusch, 3B (.331)

2. Brody Moore, SS (.294)

3. Sonny DiChiara, 1B (.389)

4. Bobby Peirce, RF (.286)

5. Brooks Carlson, DH (.305)

6. Cole Foster, 2B (.265)

7. Kason Howell, CF (.283)

8. Nate LaRue, C (.219)

9. Mike Bello, LF (.255)

Tom Green is an Auburn beat reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Tomas_Verde.

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