KATV News 7 Live • Little Rock Weather Radar & Breaking News (2022)

KATV News 7 Live • Little Rock Weather Radar & Breaking News (1)KATV News is an American TV broadcaster providing services to Little Rock, Arkansas. The channel is Sinclair Broadcast Group property that operates at Virtual CH 7 as an ABC affiliate. Channel 7 News Little Rock delivers Little Rock Arkansas news, national news, and traffic information. It also features sports coverage, community events, KATV Weather transmission, exciting contests, and other amazing services.

KATV weather services include KATV Radar, Weather Blog, and Bus Stop Forecast. It also includes KATV closings, weather cameras, weather videos, maps, and weather tweeted feed. Its community services include Gwatney Auto Matters, Good Morning Ark, Daybreak, Spirit of Ark. Award, Good Afternoon Ark, Arkansas Wildlife Minute, Mom Check 7, Recipes, Therapeutic Thursdays, Miss Arkansas, McLarty Drives Education, Better You, Arkansas Heritage Tour, and whatnot. Get the network’s programming on different local cables and at katv.com via KATV live stream. KATV Channel 7 uses the brand name “Channel 7 News” and the catchphrase “Working for You” for its newscast.

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KATV News Live Streaming

Enjoy the non-stop KATV live stream by browsing on the station’s official site or Mobile App. However, the audience can also access the latest and up-to-the-minute Little Rock news headlines of the channel here. Click the button below and be patient until the stream takes time to load. No matter, wherever you are on the planet, you can always keep tabs on your local area happenings with its digital live stream coverage.

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KATV Live Stream Schedule

The table highlights the schedule for KATV live stream. Viewers can sign in to the website anytime and watch the following programs at mentioned time.

1.Saturday Daybreak7pm
2.Good Morning America Saturday9pm
3.Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin10pm
4.Sea Rescue 10:30pm
5.UFC Live12am
6.College Basketball1am
8.ABC World New Tonight with David Muir4:30am
9. Channel 7 News at 6pm5am
10.Wheel of Fortune5:30am
11. Celebrity Wheel of Fortune6am
12.The Chase7am
13.Big Sky8am
14.Channel 7 News at 10pm9am
15.Modern Family9:30am
16.America This Week10:30am
17.Inside Edition12:30pm
18.SSN Sports2pm
19.Modern Family3pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Arkansas people often look for answers to the general questions related to KATV News and its anchors/reporters/meteorologists.

What Channel Is ABC In Little Rock, AR?

ABC Little Rock is available at Display CH 07 and Digital CH 22.3 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tune in to this channel number and enjoy a continuous KATV live stream.

How Old is James Bryant?

James Bryant is a professional meteorologist at KATV Weather, providing the latest forecasts and weather reports to the Arkansas population since December 2018. Bryant worked hard and gained trust in weather journalism. Little Rock always relies on his forecast. James Bryant’s age is not revealed to the public, and there isn’t any information related to that on his social media pages either.

How Old is Steve Sullivan of KATV News?

Steve Sullivan Age

Steve Sullivan has been reporting sports in the region for more than 14 years. He is one of the few news personalities in Channel 7 News Little Rock AR, which has been serving the station for so long. Steve has earned the AP Best Sportscast Award for thirteen times at KATV Channel and has claimed the title of Arkansas Sportscaster of the Year thrice. Steve Sullivan’s age isn’t public to anyone, and it is almost impossible to track his personal information on social media as he has only a KATV Twitter account with a little bio.

(Video) KATV: Channel 7 News at 6

Is Todd Yakoubian Leaving KATV News?

Todd Yakuobian is serving the KATV Weather department as a full-time meteorologist for more than 15 years. He is known to have the perfect skills in weather research and covers almost all the major climate events in Little Rock and its nearby areas. Yakubian is a part of the National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society and inherits a Seal of Approval from both. Todd Yakubian is still working for the channel, and there aren’t any official reports of him leaving the KATV Channel 7.

(Video) ABC 7 News SWFL Live Stream

Get in Touch with the KATV News Team

KATV News Team is dedicated to providing local news, investigative stories, political news, Entertainment content, Health stuff, and Election reports to the Arkansas community. They are highly kaprofessional in their work, extremely familiar with the target audience, and deliver them accordingly. Alex Burch, Desmond Nugent, Ahtra Elnashar, and Marine Glisovic are a few of the prestigious news figures at KATV News.

(Video) January, 21st 1999 KATV Tornado Coverage Part 1

Marine Gilsovic: Sinclair’s General Assignment Reporter

KATV News 7 Live • Little Rock Weather Radar & Breaking News (10)Marine Gisovic is an Emmy Award Winner providing investigation journalism to ABC Little Rock since September 2011. Her services include political reporting, breaking live shots, investigative reporting, and fill-in anchor for daybreak. She also used to conduct Tornado Coverage Special, Web and Social Media Manager, and Media witness. Before promoting to General Assignment Reporter, Gilsovic was a Multimedia Journalist at KATV News. Marine did BS Broadcast Journalism from Eastern Illinois University in 2006. After completing the degree, she got a position at Sinclair and since then has been part of the channel and providing her exclusive services.

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KATV Weather Team

KATV Weather team consists of experienced and skilled meteorologists with a high level of expertise in their respective fields. The team offers the most accurate forecast and severe weather alerts to the viewers in case the weather gets bad. Arkansas people always trust their journalism and plan their trips based on the forecast provided by ABC 7 Weather Team. WTHR Meteorological team consists of Barry Brandt, Todd Yakoubian, and Melinda Mayo.

Melinda Mayo: KAVT News Weather Personality

KATV News 7 Live • Little Rock Weather Radar & Breaking News (15)Melinda Mayo is a Pine Bluff inborn, providing weather forecasts to her hometown for years. She became a member of the KATV team in Feb 1996. However, she has been serving Little Rock since 1987. Mayo cohosts the shows: Good Morning Arkansas and Daybreak. Melinda is a part of both the National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society. In 2004, Mayo claimed the seal of approval from AMS. In 2010, she became an AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist.

KATV News Mobile App

With the catchphrase Working for You, KATV News Mobile App offers news transmission, KATV weather reports, sports coverage within a second. The channel’s latest redesigned version delivers KATV live stream, traffic updates, local and national news. Plus, it also presents a push alert service for breaking news and local events.

KATV News app includes the following features:

  • KATV Live stream
  • News Headline alerts and top stories
  • Live KATV Weather Radar and traffic reports
  • News Weather Section with the hourly and daily forecast
  • A user-friendly app that is convenient to use
(Video) Montage of KATV's creepy 1990s weather alerts

Meanwhile, ABC 7 Weather department hosts its own KATV Weather app, KATV Channel 7 Weather. Find all the latest information from the area’s Highly Skilled Weather Personalities working under Ned Perme. Channel 7 News Little Rock has been the leading weather service providers for years.

KATV News 7 Live • Little Rock Weather Radar & Breaking News (16)

KATV News Programming

KATV Schedule consists of a range of TV programs, including ABC News Nightline, Modern Family, Channel 7 News, 20/20, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and others. The audience can enjoy these programs on different online streaming platforms via WTHR live stream.

Chasing Down Madison Brown: A Travel Program by ABC Network

Chasing Down Madison Brown is a lifestyle, travel, food, and entertainment program featuring several kinds of adventures in each episode. It is a 30-minute show presented by Madison Brown. The series is based on the famous website blog of Madison known as chasingdownmadisonbrown.com. Watch this program exclusively on DISH Network through KATV live stream.

KATV News 7 Live • Little Rock Weather Radar & Breaking News (17)

KATV Popular TV Shows

Wild America, Good Morning America, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, Saturday Daybreak, The Chase, and Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson are quite popular shows on KATV. The following table shows the Programming Schedule of KATV News.

Outback Adventure with Tim FaulknerWild AmericaOh Baby!Good Morning America Saturday
Chasing Down Madison BrownModern FamilyShark TankChannel 7 News
20/20ABC News NightlineJimmy Kimmel LiveSSN Sports
Good Morning America SaturdaySea RescueOcean Treks with Jeff CorwinSaturday Daybreak
Wheel of FortuneJeopardy!NCAA BasketballUFC 257 Pre-Show
Big SkyCelebrity Wheel of FortuneThe ChaseInside Edition Weekend
The Armstrong Williams ShowFull Measure with Sharyl AttkissonPulaski Heights United Methodist ChurchThis Week with George Stephanopoulous
In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley30 for 30World of X GamesAmerica’s Funniest Home Videos
ABC World News Tonight with David MuirRock the ParkHearts of HeroesCard Shanks
The RookieWho Wants to be a Millionaire?The ViewThe Dr. Oz Show
American IdolChannel 7 News at 10 p.m.Ring of Honor WrestlingMid-Day Arkansas
Good Afternoon ArkansasChannel 7 News at 5:00 p.m.The BachelorGMA3: What You Need to Know
General HospitalArkansas Razorback Basketball SpecialMixed-ishBlack-ish
Soul of a NationThe GoldbergsAmerican HousewifeCall Your Mother
A Million Little ThingsStation 19The conThe Conners
Good Afternoon ArkansasChannel 7 News at 5:00 p.m.The BachelorGMA3: What You Need to Know
General HospitalArkansas Razorback Basketball SpecialMixed-ishBlack-ish
Soul of a NationThe GoldbergsAmerican HousewifeCall Your Mother
A Million Little ThingsStation 19The conThe Conners

About KATV News

KATV Little Rock first started broadcasting on 19 December 1953. The station’s original affiliate partner was CBS Network. The channel was initially licensed to Pine Bluff. It was taking its secondary content from ABC at that time. Later, in 1955, the station became a full-time ABC affiliate. It happened when KTHV CH 11 took CBS away because of having its long-term association with CBS Radio. KATV 7’s original owners were John Toole Griffin and James C. Leake., who later founded a company now known as Griffin Communication . They were also the owners of KWTV Oklahoma City and KTUL Tulsa. ABC Little Rock is one of the oldest running TV services in the market, pushing down the NBC affiliate KARK TV CH 4 for more than five months.

KATV News 7 Live • Little Rock Weather Radar & Breaking News (18)

Presently, KATV News works under the possession of Sinclair Broadcast Group as an ABC affiliate network. Meanwhile, it takes secondary content from Charge, Comet, and TBD. KATV Channel 7 studios are situated on Main and East 4rth St, Downtown Little Rock. Its transmitter site is in Shinall Mountain, close to the town’s Chenal Valley Section. In Pine Bluff, KATV is carried on Comcast Xfinity at CH 8 since CH 7 is occupied by KASN, a CW affiliate station.

News Content

The KATV News produces 31.5 hours of Little Rock local news a week with 5.5 hours on Mon to Fri, three hours on Sat, and one hour on Sunday. Besides that, the network also airs the Talk Business, and Politics show presented by Roby Brock. Channel 7 News Little Rock is among the few news services in Little Rock carrying news coverage on weekend mornings; it is airing the Saturday news show Channel 7 News Daybreak since 1992. KATV Channel 7 News do not usually broadcast news transmission on Sunday Mornings.

Tel: 501.324.7777
Website: https://katv.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/katvnews
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KATVChannel7/
Tower Location: Shinall Mountain, near the Chenal Valley section of the city
Brand Name: Channel 7

(Video) KATV tornado coverage

Coverage Map

KATV News 7 Live • Little Rock Weather Radar & Breaking News (19)



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