Elk | Hunting Lodge | Arkansas (2022)

Rocky Fork Whitetails offers the ultimate Elk Hunting Lodge for Arkansas residents.

Looking for an Elk Hunting Lodge in the Arkansas area? Because at Rocky Fork Whitetails, we offer the biggest and best Elk Hunting Lodge just up the road in Ohio. If fact we deliver on your Elk Hunting Lodge you have always dreamed about.

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We are simply the best place for Whitetail Deer, Elk, Mule Deer, Red Stag, Ram, Mouflon Rams, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Black Buck and other challenging and exciting hunting experiences in Ohio; or anywhere else. So forget those Arkansas area hunts, come home to the Ohio Elk Hunting Lodge experience that only Rocky Fork Whitetails can deliver!

Hunters who have traveled from the Arkansas area, trust Rocky Fork Whitetail’s Elk Hunting Lodge; for exciting and memorable Elk Hunting Lodge experiences in Ohio. We take your Elk Hunting Lodge experience and turn it into your Elk Hunting Lodge dream, with a knowledgeable staff of Elk Hunting Lodge expertise; that will insure you the greatest experience you will ever have in Elk Hunting Lodge.

We offer many Elk Hunting Lodge and other hunting adventures:

  • Whitetail Deer
  • Elk
  • Mule Deer
  • Red Stag
  • Ram
  • Mouflon Rams
  • Axis Deer
  • Fallow Deer
  • Sika Deer
  • Black Buck

Take home to Arkansas those memories that will fuel a lifetime of storytelling about your Elk Hunting Lodge in Ohio at Rocky Fork Whitetails.

Premium Elk Hunting Lodge for Arkansas Outfitters looking for adventure in Ohio

There is a reason Rocky Fork Whitetail’s has been ranked #1 by Arkansas residents for Elk Hunting Lodge for years; Ohio delivers the big game! Elk Hunting Lodge enthusiast know that we provide the highest quality guided Elk Hunting Lodge available for the modern day Elk Hunting Lodge trophy hunter.

Hunting on the Ohio area’s best Elk Hunting Lodge acreage, you can leave your problems at home in Arkansas and experience the excitement and the relaxation that Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio offers.

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Our people make the difference for your Elk Hunting Lodge adventure.

Attracting hunters and enthusiasts from Arkansas and beyond, a Elk Hunting Lodge at Rocky Fork Whitetails is the ultimate location for the most insane Elk Hunting Lodge in Ohio; or anywhere else.

Rocky Fork Whitetails on Ohio is dedicated to the exciting Elk Hunting Lodge and hunters from Arkansas love to come and experience that only Ohio can offer. Our unique combination of Elk Hunting Lodge experience and conditions guarantee an exciting Elk Hunting Lodge.

Because Rocky Fork Whitetails is the top choice for outfitters of all ages and skill levels coming from Arkansas we work hard to make sure you have the most exciting Elk Hunting Lodge in the Ohio area.

We know your Elk Hunting Lodge will be the adventure of a lifetime. Your facebook and instagram page will be full of exciting Elk Hunting Lodge memories that will have you asking one key question: “When can I go back!”

Elk | Hunting Lodge | Arkansas (4)When you journey from Arkansas to Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio, every Elk Hunting Lodge is ALL INCLUSIVE:

  • 5 Star Lodging (Click for more info on our Ohio Ranch and lodge)
  • Vast menu of food
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • License
  • Tags
  • Professional Guide service
  • Caping
  • Skinning
  • De-boning of your harvest along with an on site taxidermist (additional charge).

Our concierge style services also offer pick up to and from the Columbus, Ohio airport when you fly in from Arkansas. Rocky Fork Whitetails specializes in large and corporate groups. Be sure to ask about special packages.

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Note: Groups of 4 or more there will be a mandatory 12% gratuity added. There is a $500 non-refundable deposit due upon booking.

Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio offers a unique Elk Hunting Lodge for those coming from Arkansas.

All ages and skill levels welcome for the Elk Hunting Lodge of a lifetime!

Elk | Hunting Lodge | Arkansas (5)Another of the things that makes our Elk Hunting Lodge so exciting, for those coming from Arkansas to our expansive 283 acre ranch in Ohio, is whether you are a beginner or a pro; Rocky Fork Whitetails diverse and expansive ranch always makes it unforgettable. Our highly skilled guides make sure to custom curtail your Ohio Elk Hunting Lodge adventure to make sure you experience the thrill of the hunt. Followed by the peace and relaxation that only our 5 star lodge nestled in the hills of Ohio can offer.

We welcome all first time Elk hunters from Arkansas and beyond to your Ohio Elk Hunting Lodge adventure.

There simply is not better place in Ohio, or anywhere else to learn the sport that from the experienced guides at Rocky Fork Whitetails. Young or old there is no age limit, if you can shoot with accuracy at a moderate distance you will net a good sized Elk; in fact, we guarantee it.

Rocky Fork Whitetails can even accommodate any special physical or dietary needs for your ultimate Elk Hunting Lodge. Your guided Elk Hunting Lodge centered in the majestic hills of Ohio will be Elk Hunting Lodge and Rocky Fork Whitetails is here to make sure you have Elk Hunting Lodge stories to tell when you get home!

(410) 984-8680 • [emailprotected]

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At the Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio we want to promote and encourage future Elk hunters from the Arkansas area and beyond, welcoming them into our brotherhood of Elk outdoorsmen. We take pride in the time and care we take teaching the first time Elk hunter from Arkansas. Keeping in mind this will be the most important Elk Hunting Lodge of their life and will set the tone for their future Elk Hunting Lodge enthusiasm at Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio.

If you are a Father, Mother, Uncle or Grandparent that wants to experience your youth`s first time Elk Hunting Lodge, rest assured you will both have a great and memorable Elk Hunting Lodge experience with us at the Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio.

Experience the most awesome Lodging in Ohio for your extreme Elk Hunting Lodge!

Looking for a little get away? Perhaps a little peace and quiet after an aggressive day your Elk Hunting Lodge? Maybe the crackle of the fire as you tell your Elk Hunting Lodge stories and share memories with friends in Arkansas? Our Bed and breakfast here at Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio provides just the right setting to give you all this and more.

Our Bed and breakfast is backed up to a majestic view of our property where you have just enough of the comfort of home while nestled in the surrounding woods.

When you Travel from Arkansas for your Elk Hunting Lodge Adventure you’ll Discover we have Room to Spare!

In the off season our 5 Star Lodge becomes a Bed and Breakfast. Our Bed and Breakfast sits on 160 acres in NE Licking County, deep in the beauty of Ohio. We have 22 custom Amish made beds in the main lodge. You’ll have a Elk Hunting Lodge like no other when you choose Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio. The lodge also has a large wrap around deck that is great for relaxing after a long day of Elk Hunting Lodge, enjoying the view of our 160 wooded acres. Moreover, the wildlife can freely move in and out of the property on its Eastern border. This provides a indescribable immersion in the beautiful wooded area.

The property is approximately 5.5 miles from Newark, Ohio and 34 miles to I-270. There are great trails for those who like to hike during the off season of hunting. Have a little downtime between Elk Hunting Lodge? Rocky Fork Whitetails offers activities such as: 2 stocked ponds for fishing, ATV rides PLUS local pheasant, duck and trap shooting. (additional cost apply) Want more still? We are only a short hour away from Amish country and its famous attractions.

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Ladies, Are you looking to the ultimate Elk Hunting Lodge adventure?

We especially like to welcome the ladies to our Elk Hunting Lodge sport in Ohio. No matter what level of Elk Hunting Lodge experience you have, we will customize a Elk Hunting Lodge to meet your skills. We will get you to the right place, at the right time optimizing a clean Elk shot. You will take home to Arkansas some great pictures of your Elk Hunting Lodge experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Take a Elk and be featured on our website!

Call or contact us today to get your Elk Hunting Lodge in the Arkansas area experience scheduled today!

(410) 984-8680 • [emailprotected]


Where is the best place to see elk in Arkansas? ›

If you want a breathtaking experience, head to Boxley Valley. Elk have free range and can be seen at several different locations near the Buffalo National River in North Central Arkansas. The most common place to view them is the six miles of Arkansas 43 and Arkansas 21 in Boxley Valley.

How many elk tags can you have in Arkansas? ›

Eighteen public land elk tags (12 antlerless and six either-sex tags) will be available for Arkansas's 2022 elk hunting season.

How much does an elk tag cost in Arkansas? ›

Anyone may purchase a Private Lake Elk Permit (labeled PLE in the AGFC licensing system) for $5 in addition to a valid resident Sportsman Hunting License or nonresident All Game Hunting License. The private land quota is 35 total, 10 either sex and 25 antlerless.

How many elk are in Boxley Arkansas? ›

The majority of that is private land down there." Arkansas has between 600 and 700 elk, Wright said. They're mostly in the vicinity of the Buffalo National River, which includes Boxley Valley, just south of Ponca. The Game and Fish Commission monitors the elk herd with the cooperation of the National Park Service.

Are there wolves in Arkansas? ›

One of their last strongholds, wolf experts say, were the Ozarks — northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. Now, the wild wolves roam a single refuge in eastern North Carolina. There isn't a single facility in Arkansas that actually hosts a living red wolf.

Are there moose in Arkansas? ›

Arkansas does not have native moose. However, we do have large populations of deer and elk. Deer hunting is very popular in Arkansas. Elk herds can be observed in Ponca, Arkansas.

Elk are the most abundant ungulate in Yellowstone National Park.

Number in Yellowstone Summer: 10,000–20,000 elk in six to seven different herds.. Bulls retain their antlers through the winter.. Bulls retain their antlers through the winter.. Winter counts of the northern range elk herd in Yellowstone National Park and adjacent areas of Montana, 1960–2019.. Only one herd lives both winter and summer inside the park.. Ecology of ungulates and their winter range in northern Yellowstone National Park, Research and Synthesis 1962–1970.. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 45(4):1174–1177.. Bison and elk responses to winter recreation in Yellowstone National Park.. Brucellosis in elk and bison in the Greater Yellowstone area.. Ecological Dynamics on Yellowstone’s Northern Range .. Northern Yellowstone elk after wolf restoration.

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The elk, or wapiti (Cervus canadensis), is one of the largest species within the deer family, Cervidae, in the world, and one of the largest land mammals in North America and Eastern Asia. This animal

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Elk habits always involve food, water and cover. Elk vary their many habits and patterns often. Get to know some of them to increase the odds of “encounters of the herd kind”.

The bulls don’t get to eat nearly as well as the cows during this busy rutting season.. The big herd will begin to separate into smaller and smaller groups as they head toward the trees or brush, with different bedding areas on their internal maps.. These bulls may be traveling in bachelor groups at this time and have well established patterns from feed to bedding each day.. Before you start hunting these open green feeding areas, spend some evening time glassing it from a distance to see what the pattern is.. Observation involved hearing bugling bulls coming together from various forested areas, watching a couple of smaller groups come together late afternoon at the edge of the trees, then early the next morning viewing of the feeding herd leaving hay fields toward cover, then following a harem by bugle sounds and sightings all the way back to a bedding area.. Of course, they each actually walked much farther while meandering back and forth through this elk habitat, but it gives you an idea of why it’s so hard sometimes to pattern elk habits.. Some of the younger bulls will still feed and move around with groups of cows.. In a given elk habitat area, there are several options for bedding, travel routes and nighttime feeding.. 1) Thick forest or brushy cover for secure bedding areas during the day with small patches of food and some water near bed areas


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