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Harvest Cannabis Dispensary

  • 4.4(10)
  • 1200 Thomas G Wilson Dr, Conway, Arkansas, 72032
  • Wednesday 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • In-store purchases only
  • Reviews
  • | Not sure why my other rev...
  • | Love this place. Staff is...
  • | The dispensary is awesome...
  • First Time Visiting an Arkansas Dispensary? Here's What To Bring
  • How Much Does it Cost To Buy Weed at a Conway Dispensary?
  • What is a Cannabis Dispensary Budtender?
  • Buy Sativa Cannabis Flower at a Conway Dispensary near me
  • Buy Indica Cannabis Flower at a Conway Dispensary Near Me
  • Buy Hybrid Marijuana Flower at a Conway Dispensary Near Me
  • Shop Pre-Rolled Joints at a Conway Dispensary Closest To Me
  • Find The Best Conway Dispensary That Sells Top Shelf Marijuana Flower
  • Conway Dispensary Near Me That Sells Concentrates
  • Conway Dispensary Near Me That Sells Edibles
  • Buy Cannabis Tinctures at a Conway Marijuana Dispensary Near Me
  • Buy Cannabis Topicals at a Conway Dispensary
  • Buy Weed Vape Cartridges in Conway

First Time Visiting an Arkansas Dispensary? Here's What To Bring:

  • State Issues License, or passport
  • Medical Marijuana Card (if you have one)
  • Your Moolah! Don't forget to bring your wallet.
  • Bring The good vibes – you're about to get some weed, chilllllllllllllll

NOTE: Some dispensaries only accept cash, but don't worry, they'll have an ATM on site. If you plan on visiting any Conway dispensary during the peak hours (between 5 pm-7 pm) be prepared to stand in the dispensary line for a few minutes.

How Much Does it Cost To Buy Weed at a Conway Dispensary?

The cost of buying weed at a Conway dispensary varies depending on the quantity you purchase and the type of weed you buy. You can often buy pre-rolled joints in Conway for under $10, and some Conway dispensaries will have first-time customer deals, so that can further lower the price.

What is a Cannabis Dispensary Budtender?

A budtender is the dispensary employee who serves you cannabis at your local Conway dispensary. They provide cannabis knowledge, are typically all cannabis users, and are trained to help you with any cannabis product questions you have, whether it's about Conway medical marijuana, Flower, Concentrates, or Edibles, Pre-Rolls, etc! They are also knowledgeable about each of the strains their dispensary carries. Collaborate with your budtender about what you're trying to accomplish from consuming cannabis, be honest! They're here to help!

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Buy Sativa Cannabis Flower at a Conway Dispensary near me

Sativa is a good weed for energy. It's a euphoric high that is a nice compliment if you're going on a long walk or working during the day. Many people like low THC Sativa Flower because it allows them to function normally throughout their day. Conway Dispensaries make sure to remain stocked up on Sativa cannabis flower. Buy Sativa marijuana flower from a Conway dispensary

Buy Indica Cannabis Flower at a Conway Dispensary Near Me

The Indica Strain will knock you out. If you're having a hard time remembering the difference between Indica and Sativa, remember that Indica is known for the slang phrase "in the couch." Meaning, you're going to sleep after smoking some Indica. Conway dispensaries seem to sell more Indica than any other strains. Buy Indica marijuana flower from a Conway dispensary near me

Buy Hybrid Marijuana Flower at a Conway Dispensary Near Me

The third cannabis flower strain you can buy in Conway dispensaries is a hybrid strain, a blend between Sativa and Indica. Buy hybrid marijuana flower from a dispensary near me in Conway

Shop Pre-Rolled Joints at a Conway Dispensary Closest To Me

The Marijuana Pre-Roll is an iconic and discrete way to consume marijuana. Pre-rolls used to have a bad reputation because they've been characterized as using 'shake' weed, or bad marijuana nugs. You can't exactly examine the marijuana flower, or smell it to determine the quality, because it's wrapped up in a pre-rolled joint. But, times have changed, and several different types of Pre-Roll's are now available in Conway Dispensaries! Have you ever heard of an infused preroll? It's a Cannabis pre-roll joint that is dipped in wax and wrapped in keef…Yes you heard that right. let that sink in for a second…If you're looking where to buy Pre-Roll's at a Conway weed dispensary we're got you covered.

Find The Best Conway Dispensary That Sells Top Shelf Marijuana Flower

If you want to buy Marijuana Flower nearby in Conway from a local dispensary, you should understand the three different types of cannabis strains. Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Conway dispensaries carry all three top-shelf marijuana flower strains. Buy marijuana flower from a Conway dispensary near me

Conway Dispensary Near Me That Sells Concentrates

If you're looking to buy concentrates from a local Conway dispensary like (hash, shatter, wax, oils) you're in luck! With so many cannabis products on the market today, it's easy to get all the names and types confused. Concentrates essentially extract all the THC from the marijuana flower, to give you a super-potent extract. Live Resin is an extract that is made from fresh cannabis flower and then frozen. The end result is a sticky extract that includes terpenes for flavor. 'Shatter' is an extract that has gone through a standard drying and curing process. It's called shatter, because it looks like a very thin piece of honeycomb, and it shatters easily. If you've never tried concentrates, and are interested where to buy weed concentrates in Conway, we've got you covered!

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Conway Dispensary Near Me That Sells Edibles

Cannabis edibles have evolved over the years. You can now buy MANY different types of weed edibles in Conway:

  • Weed gummies
  • Weed Chocolate Edibles
  • Marijuana Cookies
  • Cannabis Candy
  • Weed-Infused Drinks
  • Cannabis honey

If you're looking for where to buy weed edibles in Conway, you're looking in the right place!

Buy Cannabis Tinctures at a Conway Marijuana Dispensary Near Me

Thanks to CBD, tinctures have been made popular, but what is a cannabis tincture, and where can I buy marijuana tinctures near me in Conway? Local Conway dispensaries often carry only a few tinctures and strengths. They're great for enjoying the effects of cannabis without the smoke. Tinctures are strong and fast-acting. Tinctures are used by putting a few drops of the tincture under your tongue sublingually. This is an extremely fast cannabis delivery method into the body, as it rapidly absorbs the THC. Tinctures typically take between 10-40 minutes to kick in, depending on the dose, THC content, and your body. Cannabis tinctures are selling in most Conway Marijuana stores. Some tinctures are potent and have been said to bring a slight tingling sensation. If you are interested in where to buy cannabis tinctures in Conway, you have found the right spot! Always be sure to seek advice from your budtender on how much to use.

Buy Cannabis Topicals at a Conway Dispensary

What is a cannabis topical, and what are they used for? If you are seeking where to buy cannabis topicals in Conway for pain, you're in good hands. Conway dispensaries often carry several different types of Cannabis topicals. Topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, oils, or balms that get directly applied to areas of the body and absorb through the skin to aid in pain relief, inflammation, joint issues, soreness, and many others. Those who have arthritis often visit Cannabis shops and speak to their budtenders about Cannabis topicals to ease their pain. Buy cannabis lotion near me in Conway, Shop cannabis pain relief balm Conway.

Buy Weed Vape Cartridges in Conway

Popular cannabis brands are venturing into the world of cannabis oil vape pens, as they are potent, discrete, and leave little to no smell. Shop THC vape pens from Conway dispensaries Most Conway dispensaries sell THC vape pens. If you've never tried a weed cartridge before, you'll love them.

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What is the best product to get from the dispensary? ›

Flower still holds the power

Flower is still overwhelmingly the best-selling product category in dispensaries, across all states. But there are a few notable trends. Medical patients purchase more flower than adult-use customers.

Why do dispensaries only want cash? ›

Since many financial institutions are unwilling to take money from dispensaries, currency management can prove difficult in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, since credit and debit transactions are federally regulated, most dispensaries operate as cash-only businesses to avoid conflict.

What questions should I ask at a dispensary? ›

To help users out, we created a helpful guide regarding the best questions to ask your budtender the next time you visit a dispensary.
  • What Products Do You Recommend for Beginners?
  • How Do I Use This Product?
  • What Is Your Favorite Product?
  • What Do You Have That Is Similar to… ...
  • Do You Have Any Deals or Sales Right Now?
Feb 23, 2022

How can I get my dispensary to stand out? ›

5 Ways to Make your Dispensary Standout on Social Media
  1. Selecting Social Channels.
  2. Content Creation.
  3. Follower Interaction.
  4. Social Media Influencers.
  5. Social Media SEO.
Nov 2, 2017

What should a beginner buy at a dispensary? ›

A beginner's guide to marijuana products and how to use them
  • Flower. The original cannabis product, flower, refers to the dried buds harvested directly from the plant. ...
  • Pre-rolls. Often listed under flower, a pre-roll is a joint or blunt that's already constructed, rolled and ready for smoking. ...
  • Extracts. ...
  • Edibles. ...
  • Topicals.
Mar 1, 2021

What is the most popular item that customers purchase at dispensaries? ›

Our data suggest that flower remains the most popular form of consumption among adult-use patients. Flower and pre-rolls were the first and third most-ordered products by customers. However, concentrates and vapes were the second-highest-grossing and ordered products at dispensaries.


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